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Over years, we have perfected the journey of entrepreneurship and broken it down into predictable success steps required to reach the pinnacle of an established profitable sustaineable company. We have created more than a handful of successful startups and we come with decades of experience over making it work! 

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We figure out problem areas in certain industries and lock down the gap we are trying to solve with the entrepreneur in house!


With our in-house expertise of technologists, we get the digital product developed that creates all the different between the experience of the user.


Once ready, we then launch it to the world, starting with a niche market, appropriate for the product, with appropriate marketing strategies as per the TG.


We then hypothise the perfect solution to that problem, and start surveying if the market would like to see it come to light!


With our existing high quality community of evangelists we launch it out in the open to be tested by them and gain feedback on all the problem areas.


Finally, after a few iterations, we arrive at the product - market fit, where we reach a product that the market is ready to pay for!

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We handhold your journey

How to make it work

So that you don't have to guess

Dive deeper

Step in their shoes

We like to get deep. We like to see the world from the user's eyes, understand their problem, and create a solution that makes the life easier than before.


Plant the seed!

Once you understand the problem at the core, and you have devised a solution which the user is willing to take, it's time for the real hustle! Let's create the ideal setup to solve this!

Reap the benefits!

Make lemonade!

It's time for the party! Your efforts have paid off. Now we have reached a stage where the product is making a regular operating profit, and all you got to do is be there to embrace it!

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We work with selective people

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We selectively choose people who we want to work with. As we invest an equivalent amount of time and energy, we want to make sure, we work with entrepreneurs only when there's a fit!




- Must be able to devote 15 - 20 hours every week

- Must have good computer and software skills

- Should have good writing and communication skills

- Should be based in India

- Should be able to communicate in Hindi

- Would need to invest Rs. 50k - Rs. 2L in the business.



- Life Coach ChatBot system - solving human loneliness & directionlessness 

- Circle - Community of like minded people

- Trust seal for e-commerce - 

making buying online safe again

- Personality based Dating App - making bonds that last longer

- Music production company - Youtube based launching great local talent around the world

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