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Dead Heat:
Neither Stricter Gun Control
Nor More Gun Ownership Reduces Violent Crime

October 2015

Full text of “Dead Heat-Gun Policies-Crime-2-Autumn 2015
Separate Infographic of Murders in Top Gun Control States

Summary: This paper compares states with the most effective gun control regulations, as ranked by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and the lowest percentage of gun ownership, with those states with the most guns and the lowest Brady gun regulation rating.  Turns out, neither side in this debate has much to boast about.

An excerpt from the “Dead Heat” White Paper.

“The bottom line from these state comparisons is that gun control or lack of gun control changes very little in state death rates by firearms. Those advocating for more restrictive gun legislation must explain why those states already recognized for their tough gun laws don’t do any better than those states with the least restrictive laws and more widespread gun ownership.

“Similarly, those advocating more gun ownership and less restrictive laws need to explain why their states don’t show much lower of a percentage of murders committed by firearms than states with fewer gun owners.  Both sides in this debate have some explaining to do.”


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