The Institute’s research projects and activities focusĀ on four broad areas of interest:

Biblically and Constitutionally Limited Government

  • Limiting the reach or the abuse of state power and regulatory agencies
  • Limiting judicial activism
  • Protecting individual and institutional freedoms from government encroachment
  • Promoting the historically limited nature of our constitutional republic
  • Encouraging biblically proscribed actions of the civil magistrate and church governments

Civil and Religious Liberty and Responsibility

  • Encouraging educational freedom and school choice
  • Protecting churches and faith-based organizations from governmental encroachment
  • Encouraging faith-based organizations to act charitably and responsibly in the public interest
  • Educating citizens on how to improve their communities and move toward greater self-sufficiency and sustainability without dependence on government financial aid
  • Clarifying the boundaries of public and private life

Social, Economic and Cultural Development

  • Lake Ohrid, AlbaniaReducing burdensome and business-harming taxation
  • Eliminating policies that put needless bureaucratic restrictions on entrepreneurship or discourage creative new work initiatives
  • Education citizens on the relationship of social and cultural freedom and economic development
  • Promoting non-statist approaches to healthcare, education and development

Ethical Integrity in the Public Sphere

  • RA-DLu-ALFacilitating robust debate and respectful discourse on the pressing public issues of our day
  • Resisting coercive threats from political correctness or prejudicial claims of hate speech
  • Raising ethical standards in the public sphere, especially among public officials
  • Informing citizens about the standards of ethics and biblical law, and rating the behavior of elected and appointed officials
  • Encouraging policies that make public officials appropriately accountable and personally responsible

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Applying the Wisdom of the Fathers of the Faith and the Founders of the Republic • Advancing Biblically & Constitutionally Limited Government • Civil & Religious Liberty • Social, Economic & Cultural Development • Ethical Integrity in the Public Sphere